Reports on Human Rights around the World

Human rights organizations publish annual reports and special reports on specific pressing human rights situations.

Amnesty International Report 2008

"World leaders owe an apology for failing to deliver on the promise of justice and equality in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted sixty years ago. In the past six decades, many governments have shown more interest in the abuse of power or in the pursuit of political self-interest, than in respecting the rights of those they lead."

Human Rights Watch World Report 2008

“Rarely has democracy been so acclaimed yet so breached, so promoted yet so disrespected, so important yet so disappointing. Today, democracy has become the sine qua non of legitimacy. Few governments want to be seen as undemocratic. Yet the credentials of the claimants have not kept pace with democracy’s growing popularity...”

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Recent publications include a handbook for nongovernmental Organization and a plan of action for a world program for human rights education.

US State Department

The US State Department’s Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices survey the situation of human rights around the world (outside of the United States).